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Monday, August 25, 2014
Join us for our September General Meeting on Big Data!

Please join us at the MDMLG General Business Meeting & Lunch on Thursday, September 11, 2014  for
Big Data: What’s It Mean to You and Your Library?

Heard the term “big data” and wonder what it really means to you and your library?  Join us for a introduction during lunch followed by presentations from two librarians who have taken the plunge into the big data world and how their new roles have emerged in the library arena. 

DATE: Thursday, September 11, 2014

LOCATION: Physical Therapy and Wellness Center (across the street from Oakwood Hospital), 17101 Rotunda Drive, Dearborn, MI 48124, (313) 791-4347

AGENDA:   11:30-12:00pm      –    Registration
                    12:00-12:45pm      –    Lunch & Learn Presentation
                    12:45-1:00pm        –    Break
                    1:00-1:45pm          –    Business Meeting
                    1:45p-2:00pm        –    Refreshment Break
                     2:00-3:30pm         –    Program

COST:  $7 if ordering a lunch from On the Border (see registration form for choices)

     Payment Methods:
Hope to see you there!
MDMLG Program Committee

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Membership Drive - 2014-2015
It is time for the annual MDMLG membership drive.

To renew your current membership or to become a new member of MDMLG, please complete the membership form on the MDMLG Website at Membership forms are due back by July 31st, 2014.

Types of MDMLG membership:

--Regular ($25)
--Student ($15)
--Institution ($40)
--Emeritus/retired ($15)

Membership provides great benefits, including, but not limited to:

--Becoming part of the network with health information professionals who have the same interests and concerns
--Free or discounted continuing educational opportunities for professional development
--Opportunity to serve on the MDMLG executive board and committees
--Access to Members-only portion of the MDMLG web site
--A sense of belonging to a community of health information professionals

Your membership will make the organization stronger and expand the professional network of health sciences/medical librarians in the Metropolitan Detroit area and beyond.

If you have further questions about MDMLG, please feel free to contact Angela Sponer. You can also check out the MDMLG Website at

Thank you.


Angela Sponer
MDMLG Membership Services

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
2013-2014 Annual Reports
 The 2013-2014 MDMLG Annual Reports can be found at

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Calling all retirees
There will be a special recognition at the MDMLG Summer Luncheon for anyone retiring this year.  Please let me know if you hear about any recent retirements in our Group.

Barbara LeTarte

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Posted by Barbara LeTarte @ 11:11 AM   0 comments
Friday, May 09, 2014
2014 MDMLG Election Results
On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I am pleased to announce the results of the 2014 Election, effective immediately following the Annual Meeting at the June 19 Summer Luncheon:

President-Elect: Nancy Bulgarelli
Executive Board/Treasurer: Nadia Lalla
Executive Board/Member Services: Angela Sponer
Nominating Committee:
   Elizabeth Bucciarelli
   Gina Hug
   Evan Sprague

I'd like to offer congratulations to those elected and thanks to Andrea Rogers-Snyr and Deborah Lauseng for stepping up and running in this year's election. They are a credit to the organization.

I'd also like to express my appreciation to my committee members, Mary Carr and Bridget Faricy-Beredo, and to our Webmaster, Valerie Reid. Many thanks!

And finally and especially, to the personal and institutional members who voted, thank you!

Sincerely, Keith Engwall
Chair, Nominating Committee

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014
MDMLG Health Sciences Awared Winner - Congratulations Ann Harris!

The MDMLG Board is happy to announce that the recipient of the 2014 MDMLG Health Sciences Award is Ann Harris.  She is currently attending the School of Library & Information Sciences at Wayne State University and volunteers at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center.  The award will be presented at the School of Library & Information Sciences Annual Recognition Ceremony at Wayne State University in April and at the MDMLG Summer Luncheon in June.

Congratulations Ann!

A recording of the Wayne State University Annual Recognition Ceremony & Reception (held on April 23, 2014) is available at

Stephanie Stebens

Public Relations Chair

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Posted by Valerie Reid @ 4:06 PM   0 comments
Thursday, November 07, 2013
Valerie Reid named MHSLA's Librarian of the Year

The MDMLG executive board would like to congratulate Valerie Reid, Manager of the Medical Library at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center for being awarded Librarian of the Year at the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association (MHSLA) conference in October! 

MDMLG members have known all along that Valerie is an awesome librarian, and it is nice to see that MHSLA recognizes her fabulousness as well!

Congratulations Val, Librarian of the Year! You are the best!

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Monday, October 07, 2013
Words of Wisdom...
Keep Calm and ASK A LIBRARIAN Poster

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Monday, July 22, 2013
Michigan Libraries for Life 2013
Calling All Michigan Libraries! Michigan Libraries for Life 2013!!

For the last three years, libraries across Michigan have participated in a simple and effective campaign to educate patrons about organ, tissue, and eye donation and encouraged them to join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. The campaign is called Michigan Libraries for Life. This effort was originally spearheaded in 2010 by the University of Michigan’s Taubman Health Sciences Library, but has expanded to include public, academic, special, and hospital libraries across the state. This collaborative effort has inspired 1348 people to sign up as donors!

More than 95% of Americans support organ, tissue and eye donation. In Michigan, only 39% of adults have joined the state’s donor registry, far lower than the 45% average nationwide. That discrepancy is largely due to state residents not knowing how to properly join the Registry. Michigan Libraries for Life helps to address that informational need.

We are excited to bring this life-saving event back in 2013! Participating libraries are welcome to join the effort for as many hours as they are able to staff a registration table in their libraries, from 2 hours to 7 days. This year’s drive will start on Monday, October 7th and run through Sunday, October 13th.Gift of Life Michiganwill provide free in-person training for library representatives at their Ann Arbor headquarters on Friday, August 23rd. We are also developing additional training materials for institutions that are unable to attend the in-person session.

The key to this program’s success is the participation of dozens of libraries. We would like to extend a formal invitation to your library to join the 2013 Michigan Libraries for Life Organ Donor Registration Drive. If your organization would like to participate in this year’s effort, please contact us at or (734) 936-1394 to receive more information.

You can also find Michigan Libraries for Life on Facebook!

For additional information visit:

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Thursday, July 18, 2013
The 2012-2013 MDMLG Annual Reports can be found at

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Monday, April 22, 2013
Scholarship winner
Bethany Figg is our 2013 MDMLG Scholarship winner.  Bethany is currently employed at CMU Healthcare in Saginaw and an online student in the Library and Information Science Program at WSU with an expected graduation date of 2014.

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Posted by Barbara LeTarte @ 3:35 PM   0 comments
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
MDMLG Election Results 2013
MDMLG Election Results
The Nominating Committee is happy to announce the winners of the 2013 Election:

Stephanie Swanberg

Alexandra Elizabeth Sarkozy

Public Relations
Diane LeBar

Nominating Committee
Bridget Faricy-Beredo
Keith Engwall
Mary Carr

The nominating committee expresses their congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that ran for a position.

Submitted by,
Karin Werner, Chair
Nominating Committee

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Monday, March 18, 2013
#MDMLG hashtag registered on
I've registered the #MDMLG hashtag on, which is a (fantastic) resource for social media in healthcare. keeps a database of healthcare related hashtags:

This is a great place to find healthcare hashtags that are currently trending as well as various hashtags in use for various healthcare topics, and after the sessions on Twitter at today's meeting, we decided it would be a great idea to register #MDMLG as our very own hashtag.

However, for to register this hashtag, they need to confirm that it is a hashtag currently in use. Please take a moment to log into Twitter and post a tweet using the #MDMLG hashtag. If you were at today's meeting, post a comment about the sessions. Or, perhaps post a link to an article or page that you think members might be interested in. Or search #MDMLG to see some of the tweets already posted and reply with your own comments (just make sure to include #MDMLG in your reply).

Also, if you were not able to log on for tonight's #medlibs meeting (every Thursday at 9pm), the transcript is available on symplur at

There was some great conversation with an embedded librarian who rides with ambulance crews to find their medical research needs and then afterwards provides them with relevant literature searches.

@librariandad on Twitter

Keith Engwall
Web & Emerging Technologies Librarian
OUWB Medical Library

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Monday, July 30, 2012
Renewing Your MDMLG Membership
Interested in health sciences or medical librarianship? Want a way to meet and network with other health sciences/medical librarians in the Metropolitan Detroit area? Want a chance to earn continuing education credits or partake of professional education opportunities? Then, become a member of the Metropolitan Detroit Medical Librarian Group (MDMLG). Membership in MDMLG not only provides access to excellent educational programming, but it affords the opportunity to network with a community of colleagues. It’s easy to join. See the MDMLG website for online membership forms or for a membership invoice to print out and mail in ( Membership forms are due back by August 28, 2012. Thank you. Misa Mi Membership Services


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Monday, June 11, 2012
MDMLG Annual Reports

The Executive Board and Committee Chair Annual Reports for 2011-2012 have been posted on the MDMLG website

Thank you to all the members who served on the Board and in committees this year.  Hope to see you all next week at the wonderful Rattlesnake Club for our Summer Luncheon!

JoAnn Krzeminski 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Lightning Round (pecha kucha) Presentations
Thanks to all of our presenters for sharing.  Here is the direct link to their presentations,  They are also accessible from the meetings page.  Thanks to Val too for posting these.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Video Invitation for the 2012 MHSLA Annual Conference
At the 2011 MHSLA Annual Conference, Janet Zimmerman presented a video invitation prepared by the 2012 MHSLA Local Arrangements Committee.

You can view the video via YouTube -


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Friday, September 02, 2011
MDMLG Membership Directory
The 2011-2012 MDMLG Membership Directory has been posted to the website behind the Member's Only section. Members with outstanding dues or membership forms have not been included in the directory.

Please check your entries carefully. I received several forms with information that differed from what had been previously recorded (eg. numbers transposed, different zip codes, etc). Notify me with any changes that need to be made.

The password to the Member's Only section will be changed in mid-September.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
MDMLG Annual Reports 2010-2011
The 2010-2011 Annual Reports can be found at


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Monday, May 02, 2011
MDMLG Election Results
Nominating Committee is happy to announce the winners of the 2011 Election:

Barbara LeTarte

Jennifer Bowen

Public Relations
Doris Blauet

Nominating Committee
Melanie Bednarski
Daria Drobny
LaVentra E. Danquah

The nominating committee expresses their congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that ran for a position.

Submitted by,
Patricia Supnick, Chair
Nominating Committee


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Mobile Medical Technology Applications – A Panel Discussion
The links to the presentations from the spring meeting have been posted to the MDMLG Meetings page.


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Friday, September 03, 2010
MDMLG Constitution and Bylaws
The MDMLG Constitution and Bylaws as they were ratified on April 15 have been posted to the web site. They are available at:


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Monday, June 28, 2010
MDMLG Photo Album
Jennifer Bowen has taken some photos at recent MDMLG events: the MHSLA Annual Conference, the WSU Annual Recognition Ceremony, honoring the two MDMLG scholarship winners, and the MDMLG Summer Luncheon at Mario's. The photos are on the members-only portion of the web site --


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Thursday, May 20, 2010
MDMLG Copyright CE Class - Power Point Presentation
As you know, MDMLG sponsored a Copyright CE Class last week at the Clinton Macomb Public Library.

The speaker was Molly Kleinman from the University of Michigan, and she spoke on "The Beauty of Some Rights Reserved: An Introduction to Copyright, Publishing and Creative Commons".

Molly has graciously shared her powerpoint presentation with our group. The link is --


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
What Journals are Essential to Physicians
Mary Jo Durivage alerts us to a very interesting blog post by Krafty Librarian. She discusses the New England Journal of Medicine's 2009 Essential Journal Study and how librarians can use this information to help shape our journal collections.

The complete blog entry is located at:



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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Return on Investment - Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan / Learning Resources Center
At the MDMLG General Business Meeting last week, Daria Drobny shared a poster she developed with Return on Investment statistics for her library in 2008. She has graciously agreed to share this with our group, and it is located on the members-only portion of the MDMLG web site --

There are two spreadsheets: one is the final poster that she shared with her Administration, and the other is a spreadsheet explaining her calculations. She used 2008 as the basis for her calculations because that was the most current full year of statistics.


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Posted by Valerie Reid @ 4:27 PM   1 comments
Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Program Committee History
The Program Committee history is now available. There is information on MDMLG Programs going back to the 1999-2000 fiscal year.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
MDMLG Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to Lynn Shemwell! She is the MDMLG Student Scholarship winner for 2009. Lynn is a student in the School of Library & Information Science at Wayne State University and is interested in Health Science Libraries. Look for Lynn at the Summer Education Program & Luncheon on June 18 and welcome her.


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Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Shiffman Returns
It’s been almost two years since the Wayne State University Vera P. Shiffman Medical Library, its staff and collections vacated the worn and somewhat dreary 3-story structure built in 1969, at address 4325 Brush St. in Detroit.

Well, all that has changed. The building has undergone radical renovation and transformed into the glorious Richard J. Mazurek, M.D. Medical Education Commons, with Shiffman’s library residing on the ground floor with the new entrance (and new address!) at 320 E. Canfield St.

Significant features include energy and space saving compact shelving of journals and books in the same room, while staff offices and work areas are positioned in a very spacious layout. Shiffman librarians have a consultation suite and offices on the 2nd floor, however most of the upper floors consist of clinical simulation or computer laboratories, state-of-the-art classrooms or offices serving the medical students of the WSU School of Medicine. There’s even an elevated glassed-in walkway connecting the new facility to the medical school’s Scott Hall. Soon there will even be a gourmet coffee shop at the building’s entrance, which is currently under construction.

Shiffman opened its doors to the public on Tuesday, May 26, but the Grand Opening of the entire structure is set for Friday, June 5, 2009.

Read more about the new Shiffman library in the upcoming issue of the MDMLG News!

Posted on behalf of Linda Draper.


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Award Announcement
It is with great pleasure I announce this year's recipient of the MDMLG Annual Scholarship Award.

*********************Mary K. Fitzpatrick*************************

The MDMLG Student Award is presented to a student enrolled in the Library Information Science Program at Wayne State University who displays an interest in health sciences and/or are enrolled in the LISP Health Science Program.

This award encourages students to consider the health sciences courses offered at WSU and provides a full, one year membership to MDMLG, including subscription to the newsletter and an invitation to the yearly banquet, an award certificate, the recipient's name on a plaque displayed in the LISP department, and a monetary award.

The award will be presented at Wayne State University in May.

Marilyn Kostrzewski, President


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