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    Thursday, November 01, 2018
    Call for Volunteers for MDMLG Officers and Committee Members

    Have you considered running for office?  The Nominating Committee is seeking interested candidates for the following positions for the 2019-2020 year:

    1)      President-Elect (Officer Position) – a 3 year term consisting of:
    a.       President-elect (1 year)
    b.      President (1 year)
    c.       Past-President (1 year)
    2)      Secretary (Officer Position) – a 2 year term
    3)      Outreach / Public Relations (Officer Position)  – a 2 year term
    4)      Nominating Committee – 1 year term

    Please contact me, Karin or Catherine if you are interested in running for any of the listed positions or would like to submit a nomination.

    Thank you!

    Gina Hug ghug1@hfhs.org
    Catherine Phillips cphillips@ltu.edu
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