Thursday, April 06, 2006
Peer Review in the Google Age
Did peer review spring from the time of the Inquisition? Is it an essential means of assuring quality - or as relevant today as medieval torture? For some thought-provoking ideas on Peer Review in the Google Age, these recent presentations may be of interest:

Morrison, Heather (2006) Open Peer Review & Collaboration

Dominy, Margaret and Bradley, Jean-Claude and Bhatt, Jay (2006) Peer Review in the Google Age: Is technology changing the way science is done and evaluated?


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Monday, April 03, 2006
WEB SITE OF INTEREST: Library Terms that users understand
Library Terms That Users Understand

from the web site

This site is intended to help library web developers decide how to label key resources and services in such a way that most users can understand them well enough to make productive choices. It serves as a clearinghouse of usability test data evaluating terminology on library websites, listing terms that tests show are effective or ineffective labels. It presents alternatives by documenting terms that are actually used by libraries. It also suggests test methods and best practices for reducing cognitive barriers caused by terminology.

This is an interesting web site. I'd like to see research done on the special library patron. Our patrons are a bit different. For example, in the public and academic library setting research found that "journal" was a term users didn't understand. That is not the case with medical library patrons. I think it would be interesting (and useful) to do this type of study with medical / hospital library patrons (anyone on the MHSLA research committee intereste?).


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