Friday, February 16, 2007
Food for thought
I recently discovered Jane Blumenthal's blog - Health, Science and Libraries. Jane is the new director of Taubman Medical Library at the University of Michigan. One post in particular gave me pause for thought. Jane writes in general terms about Taubman's foray into Web 2.0. She brings up an excellent point about the long term usefullness of all of this for the library. I am guilty of proclaiming Web 2.0 the be all and end all when honestly we have quite a ways to go. Jane also writes

We're finding that one size does not fit all. Not all of us are equally familiar
with or comfortable with certain technologies, and some collaborations and
communications are more effective in one venue than another. Experiential
learning is difficult for some of us, and others are uncomfortable with
relinquishing control over content or timing. Nonetheless, it's a grand
adventure, and one of the many things we are accomplishing together.

Here at MDMLG we've been experimenting with a group calendar (AirSet) and a blog, with mixed results. Many of our constituents wonder why we need a blog when we have a listserv. This is a fair question and while I feel both can be usefull it is up to us to determine which medium will work best under different circumstances. The point seems to be that Web 2.0 won't necessarily replace older Web technologies but rather enhance them and give people more options.

Welcome to the grand adventure!


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