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    Monday, October 15, 2007
    MHSLA Blog
    Sandy Swanson has just taken over the responsibility as blog editor/author of the MHSLA Blog. It is located at http://mhsla.wordpress.com/. She will be posting a couple of times a week with information on MHSLA activities, along with pointers to resources and information we all should know about.

    Each blog posting will have a "Comments" section, and she encourages us to join the discussion on anything that piques our interest.

    If you have a topic that you would like her to blog about, or a story she should cover, please contact Sandy at swansonse@trinity-health.org.

    If your internet filter blocks the MHSLA, you can also contact Sandy and she can help you out.


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    Posted by Valerie Reid @ 2:40 PM   0 comments