Thursday, October 19, 2006
MHSLA06: MSHLA's Strategic Plan
Jennifer Barlow reviewed MHSLA's new strategic plan.

Three themes:

1. Communication / Marketing / Outreach & Advocacy.
-Help members to articulate the value of their libraries
-Actively recruit new members
-Communicate effectively with existing members

2. Adapt to the changing information landscape.
-Employ technology to operate efficiently
-Educate members about new technologies
-Educate members about basic tools of the trade

3. Build Coalitions to promote health literacy.
-Educate members about low health literacy
-Help members educate clinicians
-Encourage members to promote literacy work
-Help ensure access to appropriate patient education materials

Outcomes to avoid:
*Letting traditional strengths slip
*Trying to be all things to all members
*Trying once and giving up

Discussion -

Has there been a question or point of interst for the research paper? What would we measure? LOS? Adverse effects?

Suggestion - focus groups with hospital administrators to get a handle on what matters to them.


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