Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Magnet status
Mary Jo Durivage asked the group if anyone whose hospital had or was applying for Magnet status participated in the process. Marily K. talked about her experience and discussion turned to teaching Evidence-Based Nursing research and the issues that surrounded that. Your institution does not have to be a Magnet hospital or even applying to join in this discussion. I invite everyone to comment about how we can teach nurses, including issues nurses have with time and getting off the floors.

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At March 20, 2007 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll start off the comments by posting links to the new Hospital Library Section (MLA) wiki on Magnet status:

Magnet Hospitals

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

At April 02, 2007 3:52 PM, Blogger Marilyn Kostrzewski said...

The topic I raised was how to provide learning opportunities for nurses concerning literature searching for nursing research articles. As evidence-based practice and the magnet hospital ideal are being promoted, the requirements for increasing non-medical skills for nurses is also being demanded. The need to obtain 3 to 7 nursing research articles to fullfil advancement/competency criteria is the goal, but the barriers revolve around how to relieve nurses of floor duties for the 45 minutes or so the instruction will take. As a result of Nursing Education requests, we have scheduled and prepared for classes across our system, with 0 to 3 participants showing up per class and of those, many only have 5-10 minutes to try to learn nursing research or what criterias are essential. Some don't even know how to use computers.

There is a push for online tutorials, but I feel these are best used when there is a bit of groundwork/background given on the basics.

We do attempt to teach individually, if they run into issues when in the library, but now this is system-wide we do not have the staff or time to provide one-on-one training for everyone. What are other hospitals doing to assist Nursing Education w/this issue?


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