Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Wikis worth a look
I have recently run across two wikis worth looking at. The first is a relatively new wiki created by the Hospital Library Section of MLA called the HLS Wiki. According to the site "The purpose(of the wiki)is to provide a sandbox in which we can share best practices in the true spirit of knowledge management in a forum that is easily accessed, archived, searched, and modified. Please feel free to add your content." Registration is required to add content but not to search or read content. Thus far there are "articles" on Collection Development, EHR & Point of Care, Evidence Based Practice, Magnet Hospitals, Physical Space, and Justification of need for library staff.

The second wiki is the EBM Librarian Wiki, whose purpose is "is to develop a community of librarians who are involved in teaching and supporting the practice of evidence based medicine (ebm) or evidence based practice (ebp)." Contributors must be invited but anyone can use the information found on the wiki.

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