Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Margaret Danowski Memorial Update – Margaret Danowski Student Scholarship Award


I promised at our last MDMLG General Business Meeting that I would update the membership on any actions our association would take concerning memorializing our former President, Margaret Danowski, after her death on October 25th of this year.

In early November, our membership sent a sympathy card and a houseplant to Margaret’s family, with a request to be notified of any future memorial services for Margaret.

On December 8, 2022, the MDMLG Executive Board held a special meeting to discuss possible ways to honor Margaret’s memory in a more enduring way that would highlight her generous nature and dedication to professional service organizations.

Many ideas were brought forward and discussed. Margaret Hoogland suggested that we rename the current MDMLG Student Scholarship Award the Margaret Danowski Student Scholarship Award. The Executive Board voted unanimously in favor of this name change. Additionally, the amount of the award will be increased beginning next year, 2023, to $350.00. This increase will be reviewed annually against the MDMLG finances. Lastly, in honor of Margaret’s dedication to service, an additional question concerning participation in either personal or professional service will be added to the scholarship award application.

Therefore, it is my honor to announce that from this year forward, the MDMLG Student Scholarship Award will now be the Margaret Danowski Student Scholarship Award.

Her family will be notified of this enduring memorial to her in early January.

I want to thank the entire MDMLG Executive Board for their concern, ideas, input, and swift decision-making to help create this lasting memorial to Margaret from our association.
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