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    Friday, October 20, 2006
    MHSLA06: Closing Keynote Speaker
    The closing keynote speaker is Mary Joan (M.J.) Tooey, immediate past president of MLA. Her topic is Investment strategies for medical librarians. M.J. is a very fun, dynamic speaker.

    Invest in:

    -Find out who the opinion leaders, influencers and heat seekers are.
    -Learn to speak their language.
    -Now your advocates and your enemies.
    -Be a good listener.

    -Get out. Be visible. Don't be afraid to promote yourself ande your services.
    -Find out what keeps your users awake at night. What is the problem they are
    trying to solve? How can you help?
    -Make yourself and your expertise invaluable NOW. Advocate.
    -Find areas for future opportunities. Try new things. Be aware of trends from
    other industries that may have an impact on your work.
    -Find partners and collaborators.
    -Don't rely on entitlements for survival.

    New MLA resource - Vital Pathways page.

    -So, what does keep your users awake at night?
    *Research dollars?
    *Length of stay?
    *Patient safety?
    *Time savings?
    -Do you have an effect on any of these?
    -Become familiar with the language of research.
    -Research does not have to be complicated and long - sometimes it just involves a
    simple question.
    -Acquaint yourself with the literature of research.
    -Take classes.
    -Ask colleagues what questions they want answered.
    -Don't be afraid.

    Evaluation tool - NNLM

    -Be curious
    -Learn new things
    -Partake in continuing education
    -Read outside the profession
    -Broaden your horizons
    -Be a lifelong learner

    -Join and get professionally involved - locally, statewide, regionally,
    -Reach out, teach, think of the community and community organizations - "think
    globally, act locally".
    -Apply for grants, contracts, awards, scholarships.

    -Go to K-12 career daya.
    -Go to career fairs or exhibits.
    -Teach library school classes.
    -Mentor a new professional.

    Why she thinks the future is bright...

    -By making investments - knowledge, viability, validity, new perspectives,
    -New roles, opportunities emerging - but don't expect them to be "given" to us.
    -Increased energy, enthusiasm, ideas.

    Last thought... invest in yourself

    -Work to live, don't live to work. Get your priorities right
    -Your health (mental aned physical)
    -Be kind to yourself and others - "Civility costs nothing and buys everything."
    (Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1689-1782)


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